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Anonymous asked 31/01/2017

Dear Ronny,
I would like to introduce you to Top Corner Recruitment (TCR).
The aim of TCR is to give current out of contract and top level non-professional players the exposure to global clubs that they cannot currently get and allow clubs an easy way in which they can recruit players without having to deal with players representatives or agents.

How We Help Clubs

Here at TCR we take the stress out of looking for a player. We have gathered together a database of players that is increasing on a daily basis. Players vary from full internationals, to ex-professionals, to recently released academy players, semi-professional and amateur players – we have the full remit.

Each of those players is categorised into positions, so clubs can look at players that are relevant to their current needs, rather than searching through emails from pushy agents and players themselves that are not relevant.

As we are not agents we will not push any particular player onto you. You can browse through players as and when you want easily and efficiently.

How Does It Work?

A club is required to sign up at http://topcornerrecruitment.com/register/. This will then give them access to the database of players. When you see a player that interests you, select the option and we will be notified.

Once we have been notified of your interest we will speak to the player and if they agree to the package on offer we will put you in direct contact to finalise the arrangements.

We will not put you in contact with players that do not agree to the packages so you will not be wasting time on unrealistic players.

Alternatively, you can inform TCR of positions that the club are short on and we will send through profiles of players that we feel would enhance your squad.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
We look forward to working with you.

Best Regards

Rob Seltzer
Top Corner Recruitment
P: +61 413 667 593 (Australia)
P: +353 8145 3598 (Ireland) 
E: rob@topcornerrecruitment.com
W: http://www.topcornerrecruitment.com
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