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Anonymous asked 07/09/2017

Dear Sirs,
My name is Joana Pereira , I work for Verticevolution company and I would like to make you an advertising proposal regarding your website.
We can make flat rate deals or CPM deals (value for one thousand visits), and we always pay in advance.
Are you interested? If so please consider this particular offer:
Ad type: Interstitial
Brand: related to sports betting
Payment Type: CPM
Frequency cap : 1/24
Type of traffic: Desktop only (no mobile traffic)
Budget: Pending on the number of unique visitors.
If you accept you will immediately receive the agreed prepaid and also an API link with instructions to put the ad code where you can check your statistics and earnings in real time.
Looking forward to hear from you!
Best regards,
Joana Pereira
Verticevolution.com Media Specialist
Clever Advertising Group, Lda
Mobile: +351 915 637 432
Skype: joanasoarespereira_1
Email: joanasoarespereira@verticevolution.com

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